Take a Stand for Louisiana’s Future.

Anti-industry policies and misguided lawsuits are jeopardizing the future of energy in Louisiana and threaten America’s energy independence. Energy companies are constantly making investment decisions and not only is Louisiana competing with our neighboring states, but we’re also facing global competition.

With the right actions by local, state and federal decision makers, Louisiana has the opportunity to be a leader in the future of energy and take advantage of the opportunities and investments that will come along with it. But we must do our part.

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We are the thousands of Louisiana families who depend on the oil and natural gas industry for our livelihoods. We are the hundreds of small businesses who wouldn’t exist without Louisiana-based employees and the schools, organizations and groups that thrive with industry investment.

Our mission is to raise awareness of and to rally support behind the state’s traditional economic industries, which are vital to Louisiana’s economic future and our way of life, to create a viable future for its citizens.