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The Grow Louisiana Coalition is Paving the Way for Our State.

The 110,000+ supporters of the Grow Louisiana Coalition stand for policies and initiatives that allow Louisiana’s energy sector to support small businesses, local governments and hardworking families across the state. From renewing oil and gas lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico to opposing misguided lawsuits against the industry, the Grow Louisiana Coalition provides a pathway for citizens to engage in the issues that matter most to our state’s largest employers and revenue generators.

The Grow Louisiana Coalition is made up of industry employees, family members, oil and gas supporters, business owners, elected officials and others who partner together to highlight the positive impact the energy industry has to our state, our coast and cultural heritage.

By working together, we can lead the way for sustainable technologies and green energy solutions without jeopardizing the way of life for tens of thousands of families and hundreds of millions of dollars in vital coastal restoration funding.

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