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More than 300,000 Louisianians are working for the state’s top private coastal investor, an industry bringing home $16 billion to the state every year and generating one-fourth of America’s energy supply. Louisiana’s energy industry is growing.

Listen to Makin’ Energy, our 7-part series, to learn how Louisiana’s oil and natural gas industry is leading a smarter, cleaner and innovative energy evolution.


“In Louisiana, we know the importance of energy,
because we’re the ones who have helped develop the technology.”

– Marc Ehrhardt, Grow Louisiana Coalition

“The reason why the Saints are black and gold is that oil is called ‘black gold,’ and the Saints were founded by an oil man. So, it’s really part of our legacy and part of our culture.”

– Michael Hecht, GNO, Inc

“There’s no other state in America that has a combination of assets, know how, and political wherewithal on a bipartisan, unanimous way to support this like Louisiana.”

– Michael Hecht, GNO, Inc

“The Department of Energy just sent out a report basically, between now and 2030, there’s a need of 1 million energy workers in the sector.”

– Girard Melancon, PhD, Durango Works

“The bayou is not something we’re just going to walk away from. Our people feed and fuel this nation. And if we don’t have communities there to support this activity, then not only our community suffers, but (so does) the entire state and the entire nation.”

– Jennifer Armand, Bayou Community Foundation

“At STEM Global Action and STEM NOLA, our goal is to make sure that every boy and girl regardless of their background, their gender or their socio-economic background touch STEM before the age of four.”

– Calvin Mackey, PhD, STEM Global Action & STEM NOLA

“The working coast, to me, is what Louisiana is. It’s a way of life. It is our culture. It’s the way we’re all brought up. If you live in Louisiana, you have a connection to the coast. You either work there, you know people that work there, you depend on services that start there. And without the working coast, Louisiana would not be what it is.”

– David Cresson, Coastal Conservation Association

Louisiana has just been an exciting place where people have come to invest and innovate for 100 years. And that’s not slowing down at all.”

– Tommy Faucheux, President, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association

Episode 1: What is Makin’ Energy?

Guest: Marc Ehrhardt, Grow Louisiana Coalition

What is Louisiana’s role in the energy evolution? How are we preparing? What does that mean for the oil and gas industry in the state? What are the opportunities for energy careers for future generations? What is Makin’ Energy?

On the first episode of this series, host Jennifer Crockett talks to Marc Ehrhardt, Executive Director of Grow Louisiana Coalition, an advocacy group for Louisiana’s oil and natural gas industry and the sponsor of Makin’ Energy. During their conversation, you will learn something new about Louisiana’s energy industry – what it’s doing now and what it’s setting up for the future.

Episode 2: Tomorrow’s Energy Solutions Live in Louisiana Coming September 7

Guest: Michael Hecht, GNO, Inc.

Louisiana is primed to lead the energy evolution into a lower-carbon future. In this episode, Michael Hecht, the President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc, joins Jennifer Crockett to lay out emerging energy opportunities and what these opportunities mean for the Bayou State.

Episode 3: Geology and Jobs Coming September 14

Guest: Dr. Karsten Thompson, LSU Department of Petroleum Engineering

Several low-carbon energy solutions are in development in Louisiana – like carbon capture and storage, green hydrogen, and blue hydrogen. But what is low-carbon energy, and how are we preparing to meet the demand? Dr. Karsten Thompson from Louisiana State University’s College of Engineering talks through the various technologies, explains the facts and reveals how LSU is paving the way.

Episode 4: #NowHiring LA Energy Coming September 21

Guest: Dr. Girard Melancon, Durango Works

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates 1 million energy workers will be needed in America between now and 2030. Many of these high-paying, stable careers do not require a 4-year degree. Dr. Girard Melancon, President and founder of Durango Works, joins Jennifer Crockett to open doors leading to the most in-demand jobs of the future, and to explain why there’s a big push to diversify with local talent.

Episode 5: More Than Just an Energy Company Coming September 28

Guests: Dr. Calvin Mackie, STEM NOLA
Jennifer Armand, Bayou Community Foundation

Dr. Calvin Mackie from STEM NOLA is changing how parents and kids approach learning. The secret is out – science is fun and Dr. Mackie wants a million kids excited to explore STEM every weekend. Find out how STEM NOLA and Louisiana energy are creating a “cradle to career pipeline.”

From the classroom to the coast, Makin’ Energy continues the conversation with Jennifer Armand from Bayou Community Foundation, the only charitable foundation solely focused on building and sustaining the communities of Lafourche Parish, Terrebonne Parish and Grand Isle. Jennifer details the long-standing partnerships bayou communities and Louisiana energy rely on, and how the Bayou Community Foundation will use a new $1 million gift just announced on this episode.

For more information on the topics discussed in this episode, please visit the related documents and links below. Contact STEM NOLA at or (504) 391-0730

Contact Bayou Community Foundation at or
(985) 219-0046 Bayou Community Foundation

Episode 6: Louisiana’s Working Coast Coming October 5

Guests: Bob Dew, Ducks Unlimited
David Cresson, Coastal Conservation Association

Louisiana’s working coast is bound by its wetlands, wildlife and water. Protecting and preserving these vital elements is full time work for many non-profits, including Ducks Unlimited and CCA. Bob Dew, from Ducks Unlimited and David Cresson, from CCA join Jennifer Crockett to talk about priorities on Louisiana’s working coast and how the energy industry is bringing funding and volunteers to execute shared goals.

Episode 7: Be an Energy Voter Coming October 12

Guest: Tommy Faucheux, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association

Election day nears. Tommy Faucheux, president of Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, talks about the importance of staying energy focused has you head to the polls.