Governor Landry Proclaims Full Support of Industry as Washington Halts LNG Progress

LNG Secures Louisiana’s Future

The pause on LNG permits threatens Louisiana’s future and the nation’s security. This discourages energy investments in our state, diminishes economic opportunity and puts Louisiana jobs at risk. Washington needs to lift the pause on LNG permits before their actions significantly impact our energy security and economic prosperity as a leading energy state.


Governor Jeff Landry Backs Industry and Announces $100 Million for Chevron’s Geismar Expansion Project

“The Oil and Gas Industry built Louisiana and keeps our economy moving. Our administration will always be a strong voice for this industry and support the vital jobs it creates,” said Governor Jeff Landry. The Geismar facility was the first stand-alone renewable diesel production facility in the U.S. when it was completed in 2010. This expansion project is expected to bring 90 new permanent jobs and 1,500 temporary jobs. Once completed, the improvement and expansion project will increase site capacity by 250 million gallons, from 90 million gallons to 340 million gallons per year.

On Monday, February 5, Gov. Landry also signed a proclamation and executive order on behalf of the oil and gas industry. The proclamation states that Louisiana is open for business and the administration will work tirelessly to ensure the oil and gas industry can thrive in our state. The executive order directs the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality to promote the streamlining of permitting processes associated with the oil and gas industry.