Energy Industry and CCA Answer Local Anglers’ Calls for Fisheries Restoration

3D-printed “Cajun Coral” brings new life to Timbalier Bay

New technology is bringing new life to an old favorite fishing spot in Timbalier Bay on Louisiana’s coast. In December, 3D printed concrete “Cajun Coral” was barged out from Port Fourchon to the open bay and splashed down over the coordinates of Pelican Island, a former fish haven washed away nearly a decade ago. The new inshore reef is part of the Coastal Conservation Association’s (CCA) energy-funded artificial reef program and is already attracting aquatic life, with shellfish latching on to the 340 modules and fin fish bedding down in its concrete contours.

“This will bring a whole plethora of organisms to the bay where they can thrive and the anglers can enjoy,” said Rad Trascher, Executive Vice President of CCA Louisiana.

Pelican Island reef is the 14th artificial reef Chevron has funded in Louisiana waters through its longtime partnership with CCA. Danos uses 3D printers to manufacture the “Cajun Coral,” which was developed by Natrx and deployed in concert with Louisiana’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

“It’s our intention to put these everywhere we can,” said Eric Danos, owner, President and CEO of Danos. “We love our partnership with CCA and with Chevron and we look to re-establish reefs and also provide some resiliency to our coast and our infrastructure that produces the oil and gas that’s so important – not just to Louisiana, but to our country.”

As Pelican Island reef grows, the Water Institute’s Living Lab will study the habitat’s restorative effect for years to come, exploring more opportunities to restore resources and recreation in Louisiana.

“Projects like the Pelican Island reef installation illustrate the impact innovation and collaboration can have on revitalizing coastal habitats,” said Alexandra Cheramie, Chevron Corporate Affairs. “Chevron and CCA have worked together on a total of fourteen artificial reef projects including at Pelican Island. Like our previous collaborations, this reef will help support the marine life that call it home. We’re proud of our long-standing partnership with CCA and thank them for their efforts.”